5 Very Obvious Signs a Guy Is Interested in You

Signs a Guy Is Interested in You

It might not be easy for a girl to ascertain if a man is showing an interest had there been on signs to tell her that a man fancies her. Luckily, there are several signs a guy is interested in you. These have been listed in the following. Does he take interests in your likings? Eye contact is a proven method to infer if a man is taking an interest in a particular woman. Rather, it is one of the mostly relied methods.

The first thing is that man sneaks a secret glance over the women he likes. It is true when he is certain that you will not take notice it. There is another method to unearth the real feeling of a man. Keep looking at his face for a few second, not more than four, and then turn to your attention to something else for a single second.

Once again, note whether he still maintains the eye contact or discontinues it. If he is keeping it, he has a soft corner for you in his heart. He will also try to know if you are interested in him by observing your reaction when he cracks a joke. He will pay more attention to you to see if you have enjoyed the fact that he has sounded it.

1. How Does He Behave?

Remember that when a male is interested in a female, he is likely to treat her differently. The difference will tend to become more obvious in the case of a group. For example, he may assume the role of your guardian angel. He can do it by getting himself nearer to you or placing his hand on even your chair. Signs a guy is interested in you in these actions suggest this to be the case. It is also possible that a man will turn to the jealousy-arousing trick.

To ascertain his place in your eyes, he might descend to flirting with some other girls to observe your action. In case he takes a fancy to you, he will keep sneaking surreptitious glances at your face to know how you feel. Do not worry; you can find an ace up your sleeve. You can confirm whether he is doing it on purpose, etc.

Try to leave the place on one pretext on the other. Moreover, choose such place from where you can keep an eye on him. It is your turn to observe him. See if he still interested once you are out of his sight or keep looking around to catch your glimpse. If he stops, it is a signal that he finds interest in you.

Language Of Desire

2. His Body Language Will Tell You

One sign is the body language of man. It is not difficult to understand because a man’s body language sends up to 10 types of signals. It is about four times fewer when compared with those emitted by a woman. Anyhow, you can know your position in his heart by observing the way he looks at you. If he is interested in you, he will cast many glances at you.

He will not be able to take his eyes off your face. It is a sign that he has an interest in you. Similarly, keep a look on his limb movement, and if you find those angling in your direction, you are raising his heartbeat. Besides, if he pays attention to his appearance the moment you come near, it is also a sign that you have stricken a chord with him. The reason is simple; he wants to catch your fancy. Also, if he tries to position himself to lean a bit towards you, it also suggests that he is trying to show that you appeal him.

3. His Response to Body Contact

You can know a lot about your position in a man’s eye while touching him and letting him touch you. The reaction is this situation is one of the clear signs a guy is interested in you. These two situations will reveal to how close he wants to be with you. A man who wants to be with you will strive to find an occasion to touch you.

The everyday situations can be his attempts to feel your hand while laughing. He would even try to hug for an unimportant reason. What you are to do next is grasping his arm softly. Note if he wrenches his hand away. If he does not resist, rather does not release his arm, it is an apparent signal that he is after you.

However, in the case of a shy person, he might jump a bit. You should not take it for a red signal. Only keep observing, and soon you will discover what he thinks about you.

4. Do Your Ordinary Likes Interest Him?

Observe him while you start talking about something that you fancy. It can be a film, a music band, etc. Responding to you even if he does not know much of the subject is a plus. He is clearly giving you a signal that you enthrall him.

Another development can confirm it. For example, you talk about an individual film, and you find him talking about it next time or still showing interest. When a guy is interested in you, he shows interest in you by talking about things that you like particularly.

Language Of Desire

5. By Paying Attention to What He Says to You

What do you think a man will do when he likes a woman? Obviously, he will talk about himself. He is likely to do it to impress upon her that he is worthy of requiring interest. Not surprisingly, the discussion can assume the tint of humble bragging if not evident. If this situation occurs then this is another of the visible signs a guy is interested in you. You can better understand if you observe his body language by talking in softly.

If you are twinkling in his eye, he will lean forward to you and try to stay closer even if you have completed what you were talking. If he reverts to his first position the moment you finish, you are not the one who has caught his attention. In brief, keep a vigilant eye on him while you two are conversing. It how you will be able to measure if likes you or does not.

In Conclusion

If the guy you like is demonstrating some of these signals, then these are all clear signs a guy is interested in you. The best way for you to show your interest in return is to be receptive to his signs – and to look for reasons to spend more time alone with him. Good luck!